A Game-Changing Partnership

We are thrilled to inform you that MTO has entered into a strategic partnership with ATNZ (Apprenticeship Training New Zealand).

Through our association with ATNZ, an NZQA registered Private Training Establishment, we will have the opportunity to design and deliver training courses tailored to enhance the skills of your workforce. Specifically, we will be offering training courses and eventually qualifications in the Fundamentals of Operating & Setting CNC Machines, as well as Inspection Techniques. These courses aim to provide a Traineeship experience which would be used to complete the professional development courses, akin to mini apprenticeships, ensuring a well-rounded and practical learning approach.

Furthermore, MTO will actively engage with ATNZ Regional Managers responsible for overseeing CNC Machining apprenticeships. By doing so, we will play a pivotal role in maintaining the relevance and high quality of training. We’ll link up apprentices to different machine shops for specific durations, allowing them to accumulate credits if they are unable to fulfill the requirements within their current machine shop.

In line with these developments, we will work closely with ATNZ’s Tertiary Partnerships Manager when going out to schools. MTO will focus on imparting technical knowledge about being a CNC Machinist, while ATNZ will address inquiries related to apprenticeships, how they support apprentices, and highlight the numerous opportunities associated with attaining an Engineering qualification.

This partnership marks a significant milestone for our industry, particularly in the realm of training. It will undoubtedly contribute to making a career in this field more enticing, attracting a wider pool of talented individuals who aspire to pursue opportunities within the machining sector.

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